Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Items In My Shop

A while back I had planned on adding some new Thermofax screens to my Etsy shop and it just never happened when I wanted it to happen. Well today I made it happen.

Here are the new screens I added:

Bird 1

Bird 2

Bird with Seed

Circle Motif 10



Girl 1

Girl 2

Bird 1 from Set of 3 Birds

Bird 2 from Set of 3 Birds

Bird 3 from Set of 3 Birds

The last three bird images are sold as a set of three screens. They are sized so they work together.

And one other new item in the shop is this market tote pattern:

The market tote pattern is a pdf download file.  

Thanks for visiting! I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend. I'm staying inside where it is cool...too hot for me outside.


  1. I just picked up some stencils of yours from the other shop; now I'm anxious to use them.

    Have you ever used something called Royal Stencil Creme? It looks pretty in the jar.

  2. Really love the 2 ladies! They are cool and stylish!

    auntie jude

  3. i just love your birds. can you say another 'favorite!' {yes}

  4. Love them - especially the bird series! Gotta get to Etsy to pick some up! Keep the great designs coming :)

  5. Great designs Terri! Those birds are just adorable!

  6. Fun stencils and beautiful bag!


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