Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Stamping We Will Go

Okay, maybe we won't go a-stamping!  This is the current state of my work space. Stamp making heaven or chaotic mess....you pick.

I've been in the stamp making mood again and have made three more stamps.  Here is a photo of all the recent stamps I've carved.

And here are two of the latest.  I am really into circular designs lately.

Here is the third newest stamp. It's the rectangular shaped design on the paper below.

I've been trying out some new carving block material lately. The Speedball brand block (on the right) is one I've used many times and really like. But the Moo Carve and the other one, which is Soft Kut....I'm not so impressed with those two. I'm the least impressed with the Soft Kut and the reason is it is just too darned squishy soft. It doesn't carve nice and the stamp flexes and moves while using it.

One of these days I will have to actually use these stamps on some projects...but until then I'm having fun creating them.