Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fabric Dye

I was doing some reorganization in my studio the other day and came across a piece of fabric that I had dyed some time ago. I don't recall how long ago it was but it could very easily be a year, maybe more, maybe less. And then I also remembered that I still had some dye concentrate sitting in the fridge. I don't recall how long that had been in there, maybe a year, maybe more, maybe less. Yikes!

While the turquoise blue cloth was pretty, I decided to overdye it and see if the dye concentrates had any life left in them. As you can see from the results below, they certainly did. While I forgot to measure, this piece of cloth is maybe a two-yard piece and I think it might be a wider width, maybe 58 to 60" wide.

I think I might use this as a table cloth.  I am scheduled to teach some classes this fall and I will be setting up a table to sell patterns and such, so this might make the sale table look all pretty.


  1. Ahhh... what a delightful result! It will definitely - be more than pretty on a table! Bet you get some takers on the fabric all by itself!

  2. What fun for a tablecloth! It's cool how it turned out.


  3. GREAT idea! That will attract customers :)

    auntie jude

  4. Well that turned out to be two great combinations not matter when you got them or stored them in you frig. "wink!"


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