Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kitties Kitties Everywhere

Did you read my previous blog post about wishing me luck on my map-themed quilt? Well, not enough of you were sending me good wishes because I'm now on my third attempt at a map quilt. I do think, however, that this might be the one, even though I'm only still in the beginning stages of it. Yes, wish me luck, please?

I did also get another of my thread stitched cat panels finished for the triptych. You can see two of them here on my design wall. They are overlapping a bit and you can't see all of the design on the far right panel.

Here is a detail shot of the second cat.

The next photos are a project that I have been working on slowly and actually are in a holding pattern at the moment. These have actually been on my design wall for a couple of weeks and I totally forgot to share them. The first photo here shows the outlines of my designs on painted cotton duck.

Next is how they looked after the first coat of paint was applied.

And here is how they looked after I finished painting them.

These will both be turned into handbags at some point. Not high on my priority list at the moment. I really really really need to get the map quilt finished and I really really really hope to finish that this week. Can't show it to you yet, but you'll get to see it on May 1.