Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I'm Reading

Art Quilt Portfolio: The Natural World
Profiles of Major Artists, Galleries of Inspiring Works
by Martha Sielman

I just love getting a new book in the mail and not only because of that new book smell, which I find weirdly intoxicating.  New books, especially those on the subject of art quilts, are very inspiring and I very much enjoy learning about art quilters that I haven't yet become familiar with.  But I also love it when they include some of my favorite art quilters like these:

Work by Elaine Quehl

Work by Nancy G. Cook

Work by Ruth B. McDowell
One thing that I like about this book is how each artist talks about themselves, what brought them to this art form, their education, their inspirations and also a bit about how they create their works of art.  There are many different styles showcased and many techniques used to create with, and that stands out here.  If you are a nature lover and enjoy art, whether just an art observer or creator, you will find this book a beautiful and inspiring read.  Oh and there's so many lovely pictures to look at too.

Published by Lark Crafts.

Have an enjoyable weekend and be sure to really pay attention to the nature around you.  There just may be an art quilt lurking out there.