Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Made a Valentine

Last evening I spent some time with friends, new and old, and we sewed and laughed.  I taught them my techniques for painting with Neocolor II crayons.  I forgot to take my camera with me.  :(

Here is what I made during the demonstration.  A valentine.

I found the quilted neutral background with pink border in my stash.  It was a leftover from another project.

I drew a basic heart shape onto some paper.  I like to use Carol Doak's Foundation Paper for this process as it tears away fairly easily.  Although you could use plain copy paper.

I pinned the heart drawing to the quilted background and stitched over the shape with black thread.  Next I removed the paper.  After the paper was removed I did some more thread sketching and added lots of details.  I colored the shape with the crayons and then using a paint brush I wet the area with some textile medium. The small quilt measures 7" x 6.5".