Monday, November 14, 2011

Tote Making and Cooking

I have been making tote bags the last few days.  I needed a blue tote for a thank-you gift for someone and blue is their favorite color.  So I made this one in all blues.

And a friend of mine asked for a tote bag with a bird on it, so that is the one I am making now.

I had sketched some funky, whimsical birds in my sketchbook a couple months or so ago and thought it would be fun to put one on this tote bag.  I hope she likes it.

When I was in Houston, we ate at an Italian restaurant one evening, called Mia Bella.  It was very delicious and some of us actually ended up eating there two nights in a row.  On one of the nights I ate there, I tried something new to me, eggplant parmesan.  I LOVED IT!  Since returning home, I searched the Internet for some recipes and found one that seemed simple enough.  Here is my resulting meal.

I made some angel hair pasta for a side dish and I really liked how it turned out.  I will definitely be keeping this recipe.  I found the recipe by visiting (a site I love, but don't go there if you're hungry).  From that site I did a search on eggplant parmesan and after browsing some of the recipes, I decided to try this one <click here>.  Yum!