Saturday, October 29, 2011

Screen Printing

I've been wanting to do some screen printing lately but haven't really had the time to do it. But I decided I would make the time no matter what especially since I had recently acquired two new Thermofax screens from my friend Margaret Applin. I now own three screens that Margaret designed and hope to add more to my arsenal over time. I love her designs. You can see them in her Etsy shop <click here>.

I had these two pieces of cotton canvas cloth already painted with background color so I added screened designs to them. In all, I screened five different designs onto these pieces of cloth. Three designs by Margaret and two by me. I also added some stenciled spots using some punchinella (sequin waste).  I may turn this fabric into composition book covers, but I'm not totally sure about that yet.

Here's a recent doodle I made in my watercolor paper pad. I purchased some pads of watercolor paper last year and have found they don't work very well with watercolors or acrylic painting.  The paper warps and buckles and won't lie flat for me after I paint on it, no matter what I try.  So I've designated the paper for use with doodling only.  I need to make sure I use another watercolor paper or other kind of paper when I want paper for painting on.

I've done some more work to the thread sketched girls I shared with you in my previous post.  I'm pretty sure I have a plan on what will happen with that project, but really don't have much to share here with it for now.  I don't think I'll be able to work on it too much in the next week or two since I leave for Houston on Thursday.  Have a wonderful weekend.  I'm baking bread today.