Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Ups and Downs of This Wonky Life

The past couple of weeks have been both good and bad. We've had the joy of spending time with visiting family members and celebrating my son's 22nd birthday, and then we had the sorrow of saying goodbye to my father-in-law. Also just this morning, my brother wrote that he said goodbye to his best friend last night, his German Shepard of about 12 years. His dog was an old man in human terms and he had a few health issues as well. Family members, whether pet or human, are so very precious and we are blessed to have them in our lives when we do.

During these busy times, I've been escaping to my studio and working on my wonky stars. I need this sort of mundane project right now to keep me busy without too much thinking. Here is how the space around my sewing machine has been looking lately. I'm still using up all the scraps from my king-sized bed quilt....which, by the way, is being delivered to my quilter today.

Here is what my design wall is looking like now. I don't have any specific plans on how big this will be in the end....I've just been making blocks and throwing them up there on the wall. The blocks are not stitched together yet, just in case I come up with other layout ideas I want to play around with.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Be sure to give your loved ones an extra hug or two soon.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Terri. Life sometimes is not so much fun. But we survive and the joy returns.

    Your stars are looking great!

  2. So sorry for all your losses darlin. It is wonderful when life blesses us with wonderful people and pets.

    You are so very resourceful how you utilize your scraps. I just love that about you! Nothing goes to waste.

    Love you tons.
    auntie jude

  3. Love the wonky stars and the border. Nice job!

  4. Your stars look good, and I thank you for this new word for me: wonky.
    Such is life.

  5. Hope these bright stars are cheering you up. Sorry for your loss!

  6. Wonky stars for a wonky life! It seems right. We must take the sad to have the happy. I think you are going to have a very cool quilt there!

  7. I too am sorry for your losses. Yes pets are family too for sure. You stars look wonderful...just think when you look at that quilt it is like looking up in the stars and dreaming of our loved ones in heaven.

  8. A friend of mine once said that the only good thing about bad things that happened in my life was that it produced great art. Ha! Well, it sure is therapeutic and I am glad that you have this outlet. It's definitely hard to say good bye to our loved ones... Peace to you and yours!

  9. Sorry, Terri. I do think that your wonky stars is gonna be a real lifter of the spirit. I really like that border that's showing. Cool. Bless you!

  10. I'm sorry for your family losses. It's good that you can work through this time with your art. Your star quilt is looking great!

  11. Fab wonky stars and quilt there!
    Its hard isnt it losing friends weve shared our lives with. Lost two friends myself in june which has come hard and my old dog is now 16 and each month its a hard decision, waiting to be made.
    My crafts are my therapy, always have been. I hole up in them and mend the various places that hurt...guess many of us do that.
    But lifes a learning curve and all we can do is hang on!


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