Friday, July 1, 2011

Feeling Wonky

The other day I was Feeling Groovy, but today I'm Feeling Wonky!

Here is the completed dot quilt top. I love this quilt. However, my blocks would not line up correctly at the seams (pout). I thought I could trim them a bit but they seemed like they were twisted and I feared cutting too much fabric away in order to square them so they would meet at the seams. Did any of that make sense?

So I decided to just sew them all together in a wonky way and unless you are within two feet of this quilt you don't even see it. No quilt inspectors will be allowed to see this quilt! Now I am awaiting my quilt backing fabric to arrive to start quilting this dotty top.

I ended up with lots of odd and wonky scraps from my king sized bed quilt project.

So, in keeping with the wonky feeling, I created this wonky star block.

I am thinking I can get a lot of wonky star blocks from the remaining scraps, so I guess that will be another ongoing project. I never run out of projects....and I bet you don't either.

It appears like I've abandoned art quilting at this point doesn't it? Well I've got lots of ideas brewing in my head and right now I'm planning to get more of my UFOs completed over the summer months. Then this fall I will get back to more artsy stuff. At least that's the plan.


  1. I figure if you can't see the goofs while riding by on a fast moving horse, it's good to go!
    Besides, on a bed--who cares?

    I understand the need to finish up UFOs and start anew in the fall. It's a good feeling to move around within your ideas sometimes.

  2. Oh wait, this is not a king sized quilt. Well, anyway, same rule applies!

  3. Oh my goodness, your dot quilt top looks fabulous!

  4. The dotty quilt is just as cute as can be Terri. Don't you remember that saying,"wonkiness adds interest"!

    Well, I don't see any wonky in your picture, but it sure is very interesting, not to mention fun to look at.

    And the stars...a very creative use of your leftovers!

  5. Quilt inspectors? Who cares about them? The quilt is beautiful and that's what matters.

  6. I LOVE your dotty Dresden Plate quilt! So very cheery!

  7. Wonderful, whacky, wonkies! Just superb!

    auntie jude

    PS I can't believe you finished the polka dot wonkey already...

  8. Oh, you are SO putting me to shame. You whipped that baby out in what, 3 days?! You are a wonder. AND it looks fabulous. AND the wonky star is delightful.

    (Do you take speed or guzzle Red Bull or something?)

  9. Your quilt looks wonderful, and I love the wonky star block :)


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