Saturday, May 14, 2011

Must Accessorize

Last month (April) was my birthday and I received this fabulous handbag from my parents for my gift. I have always been a fan of Laurel Burch art and have a few items around my home with her designs.

The handbag is large, like a small tote and I love it's roominess. I find that the older I get the larger I want my handbag to be.....what's with that? But I had to have matching accessories for it. So I got busy.

A few years ago I had another Laurel Burch handbag, one that was quite a bit smaller. It was similar in color as this new one, the indigo blues. I wasn't using it anymore and I knew I wouldn't, so I cut out the design panels from it and used them to make that small pouch you see on the left side of the photo above.

You will find the tutorials for the four accessories on the righthand side of the above photo at the 3 Creative Studios free projects page here. The Checkbook Cover and Mini Wrapfolio were written by Sue Bleiweiss and the Business Card Case and Easy Eyeglass Case were written by me.


  1. very cute and useful too! I've always had a soft spot for Laural Burch too...I think its the kitties :)

  2. Laurel Burch is one of my favorite artists, and this ensemble looks like something that would have come from one of her lines -- really cool!

    And we need larger bags as we get older to carry more medicines, two sets of glasses, photos of the grandchildren . . .


  3. Oh -- this stuff is so cool. I prefer a smaller handbag and I LOVE Laurel Burch too -- maybe we can arrange a swap?

  4. The bags do get bigger and the stuff inside gets way more interesting. My SIL carries around a corkscrew wine opener:)

    Wonderful accessories and a great idea!

  5. Yes it is true, the bag is pretty, and I always like a big bag.
    You, you're right in my purse there are basic necessities, in every situation in life which are needed, everyone can count on me if hiiiiiihhhaaa different needs,
    I greet you cordially,

  6. Belated Happy Birthday Terri. Your new Laurel Burch bag is beautiful. How brave of you to cut up your old LB bag. I love your new accessories as they totally match your new bag. You are genius! Happy bag carrying...

  7. Lucky you to receive such a gorgeous bag, and I love the matching accessories you made! :)

  8. Now this is a darn sweet suite! I love Laurel Burch's stuff, too.

  9. Love the bag. I first was introduced to Laurel Burch in the 80's when I was buying her jewelry. I have a large bag I use for carry some of my jewelry supplies, and I always wear Laurel Burch socks.

  10. The perfect gift for you and such great accessories! Fantastic idea to do that. Happy belated birthday! I hope it was wonderful.


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