Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In a Painting Mood

I've been working on my Spice 12x12 quilt for the next Twelve by Twelve reveal on June 1. I'm unable to share that with you right now, but here are a couple of things I can share with you.

While quilting, I was also painting. I would paint a layer and let it dry and while it was drying, I would quilt. Multi-tasking....works great when you need to let something dry.

Spotty Dotti - 6" x 6" canvas panel/board
Acrylic paint, charcoal, Neocolor II crayons, ink, satin varnish

Whimsical Garden - 8" x 8" gallery wrapped canvas
Acrylic paint and satin varnish

I'm going to be adding these paintings to my Etsy shop within the next day or two.  But if you are interested in either one and I haven't added them to the shop yet, email me. 

I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has stopped by so far and helped me celebrate my blog anniversary.  I'm having a blast and your visits have been so enjoyable.  


  1. Sweet cat and flowers, Terri.
    If you get a chance, come over and check out MY giveaway!!
    Thanks, Judy

  2. Love the name "Spotti Dotti!" And I love her eyes, too!

  3. The pics are cool, but the one with the flowers is particularly amazing - wow!

  4. Great paintings. Your muse is serving you well. Happy creating...

  5. Beautiful Terri. You have such a great eye for color and I love your whimsical designs.


    PS - I hope you'll consider entering a design in the upcoming Pets on Quilts Show this coming August.

  6. Your new paintings are great. Love the cute kitty!

  7. I love these! I do the exact same kind of multi tasking. In fact, we have similar styles. Congrats on your anni!

  8. Both are just too cute Terri! But of course you know I have a favorite :)


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