Friday, November 5, 2010

Poppy Quilt Almost Done

I set aside the orange and blue tulip quilt because I ran out of bobbin thread and need to go pick some up. In the meantime, I've returned to quilting on the red poppy quilt that has been up on my design wall for a few weeks. I shared a full view of this quilt here.

I had all of the background quilted but was having trouble deciding on what quilting design I wanted to do on the red flowers. I finally decided and got going. The design you see on the flowers is my variation of one I found on an excellent free-motion quilting blog found here. I also incorporated this design into the border. As I write this post, I have one side border finished and have one left and then it's completely quilted.

You can sort of see the leaf and stem design I quilted into the background here.

I hope you can see the quilting lines. I was having trouble taking photos that would show them.


  1. I really like the pattern you chose for the flowers. Leah's sit is great for getting ideas.

  2. Looks fabulous Terri! I love you 'ghost' stem and leaves.

  3. I love how graphic this is and the quilting you chose is perfect!

  4. I really like how this is looking, Terri, and I like the quilting designs. This looks like you are having a lot of fun on the machine quilting!

  5. This is going to be such a great quilt. I like your style!

  6. I see the quilting lines and it looks gorgeous.

    auntie jude

  7. There is just nothing like the luscious texture of the quilting path....yours is beautiful as always!

  8. I love everything about this quilt, Terri -- the bold graphic design, the colors, the quilting -- it's the tops!



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