Sunday, September 5, 2010

And Yet More SAQA Auction Quilts

This is the third week I've shared some of the SAQA Auction quilts with you. The other blog posts can be found here and here.

This week, I'm sharing quilts that my fellow Twelve by Twelve group members have made.

Desire Lines #1: Simple String Theory
Found on Page 1A

Rooted XI
Made by Kristin La Flamme
Found on Page 1B

Entwined Roots
Made by Gerrie Congdon
Found on Page 1B

Made by Karen Rips
Found on Page 3A

Made by Deborah Boschert
Found on Page 3A

Tillamook Rooster
Made by Terry Grant
Found on Page 3B

I find it amazing how every time I scroll through all the quilts on the auction pages that I see something new. A quilt will catch my eye and I'll think "hmmmm I don't remember seeing that one before!" Weird, but I guess it must be because there is just so much to take in that it's difficult to absorb it all at one time.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend.