Thursday, June 3, 2010


Have you ever wondered who created the words we use? To me, the word touch is a rather strange word and when you say it a few times it makes me wonder who thought of this word and it's current meaning or association. Okay, enough silly rambling...

Here is a painting in the next page spread of my journal. This is the journal that I mentioned a post or three ago that is a re-purposed music book. If you look close, you will see the song titles at the top of the two pages. On the left page the title is Partners, and the right page title is Touch. I used those cues for my painting on this spread. Do you know how hard it is to paint in the fold or binding area of a page???

Here is another painting that I created in a different book. This book is another I found at the thrift store and is a children's board book. It was in sad shape and cost me five or ten cents I believe. These are great little books for painting in and while I know some artists first sand the pages and then add gesso, I skipped the sanding and simply painted over the pages with gesso to prepare them.

Wouldn't it be fun to paint your own story?


  1. Now you have me looking around for books to paint in! I think this is a capital idea so thanks!

  2. This has turned into a series, what fun for you to learn and explore through it! I love working in a series for all the information it has to impart. Well done. :D

  3. I love these paintings, Terri. The top one is perfect for the Geminis that have birthdays this month.

  4. Wow, fantastic job. Really love the "touch" pages.

    auntie jude

  5. So cool -- I especially like the board books. They must make great surfaces for painting.


  6. You've changed my way of thinking when I go into a thrift store, I'll be looking for journals. Great idea for doodling in. Love your paintings!!


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