Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pooch Progress

Here is my progress on the black lab quilt. I've already started free-motion quilting and have all of the lab quilted except for the head. That's next. Then I'll do the background.

I had a bad day yesterday in the studio. I had errands to run earlier in the day, so in the afternoon I finally found some time to work on the quilt. Well it didn't go well. I had just started quilting and had about two or three inches of stitches down when I ran out of bobbin thread. Sigh! A fact of sewing life.

So I got my thread all routed and ready to wind some bobbins. I decided to wind four of them right away as I like having extra black bobbins on hand. I finished winding the bobbins and got set up to stitch again, and went at it! Woo hoo, I'm a stitching away like a quilting fool. A little while later, something catches the corner of my eye over there on the right. Hmmmmmm, what was that? I paused and leaned over and lo and behold my black thread from winding bobbins is winding around my hand crank on the sewing machine. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is all the thread that wound around it.

Here is the cone of thread and the hand crank of my machine. I had left my thread end up on top of the machine after winding bobbins and at some point it slipped over the side of the machine and started winding around the hand crank as I was free-motion quilting. What a mess!

And then shortly after that mess was over, I got to quilting again. Not much longer and SNAP! My needle broke. My top thread caught up on something and wouldn't feed as I was stitching away, unbeknownst to me. Triple Sigh! All in all, it wasn't a good sewing day. I was wondering where I had placed that "Start Over" button. I really would have liked to push it.

On a happier note, fellow Twelve by Twelve member, Terry, recently shared a fun site on her blog and I went and tried it out too. A drawing tool that adds funky web-like lines to your drawing. You will find it here:

Here is a quick little kitty I created with the drawing site.


  1. Sorry to hear about your day. I have had days like that and kept pushing thru only to make a bigger mess of things.
    I checked out the drawing site...so cool! thanks for sharing.

  2. My moon calendar said that Monday was a day to take care, or mistakes in your work might cause trouble.
    Some days are just no good for a certain task. When I find out, I postpone the work and do something else.

  3. Your doggie looks adorable!!!!!!

    Sorry about your sewing problems yesterday. I've had days like that before. Sometimes I think it's the universe's polite way of telling you to work on something else for a while before coming back to a particular project!

  4. Sounds like cocktail hour needed to start a little earlier at your house yesterday!

  5. Thread vomit. Yuck.

    So sorry about your mishaps. Some days go like that. I am SURE today is better, right? I am so eager to see the dog finished. He is looking so handsome.

  6. I feel your pain. I could feel my blood pressure rising as I read along because I could relate to days like that. However...your lab is looking so good. Love the expression on his face now and love how you toned down the top of his head.

  7. That's the kind of day when you go back to bed IMMEDIATELY and pretend everything was just a dream. Then you get up and start over -- or else you eat a pint of Chubby Hubby.

    Hope tomorrow's better -- it almost has to be, doesn't it???


  8. the eyes are great on your dog...

  9. You had a classic Libby day. Good for you! I agree with cocktail hour needing to start way sooner!

  10. Ack, Terry, sorry to hear about your sewing woes. The sound of a snapping needle is ugly, indeed.

    Neat sketching tool, thanks for the link. :D

  11. fun stuff!
    except for the thread part! drag! hope your stitches go a little smoother today! ;-)

  12. Your dog quilt is coming along and looks beautiful. Sorry for all your thread troubles, but your thread bundle looks like it has potential to become a piece of art!

    Love the drawing tool. Very fun.


  13. Great hound dog...looks very real!

    auntie jude


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