Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fabric and Stuff

I feel like I've been bouncing all over the place with my projects lately. I think it's because of the holidays. I think it's because I can't make up my mind. And I think it's because I am a bit stressed about some upcoming deadlines.

I currently have several things in the making. I have several things I should add to my etsy shop, and I had high hopes of entering some upcoming quilt shows, but I just haven't had the time to get quilts made to meet their specifications and the entry deadlines are too near now to even think about them anymore. Sigh! Maybe next year. I've never been much of an agenda planner, list writer/follower, and goal maker; although I do some of these things to some extent, perhaps subconsciously.

Anyway, on to the latest...

Up first is a new wall hanging I've started with some hand painted and hand dyed fabrics. I have an idea where I want to go with some borders around this but I'm going to sit on that, I think, for a day or two to see if I can come up with other ideas.

The next photo is a sneak peek at my initiative quilt for the Fiberactions quilt challenge group. The quilts for this theme will be revealed on Jan. 15.


  1. Great movement in the latest piece--reminds of me rustling leaves on a windy day.

  2. I love the two pieces in progress so far.

    I can relate to how your feeling about bouncing around with the holidays and projects. Sometimes my mind feels like an elastic being pulled in a bunch of directions (creatively speaking). And this time of year, it's always the case. And I, too, have never been much of one to set my goals to writing. But I have to tell you, I am really re-thinking that (even at my age). I know to accomplish what I really want right now, I am going to have to write a few things down in a list and commit to them in spite of my creative tendency to meander and flounder about. Even if it's just five minutes a day to reflect on a list, at least it helps to keep a person on course! Maybe if my projects are in line with that course, my mind will be, too! Just some food for thought...

  3. Your wall quilt reminds me of looking through a paned window. Maybe it should be titled "stormy", sort of how you are feeling...being caught up in it all :) I think it is easy to feel that way around the holidays; so much to do and so little time...

    auntie jude

  4. I certainly like the way that first piece is shaping up. Sort of a "contained" movement effect.

    Take heart and get some sleep if you can. Everything gets sorted out eventually:)

  5. Boy, do I know how you're feeling! At this time of year, I try to reflect on the saying,"Everything will be all right in the end; if it's not all right, it's not the end."

    Love the "window" piece -- are the fabrics your own hand-painted ones?


  6. I see some of my favorite colors combos in that sneak peek...can't wait to see it all Terri!


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