Saturday, September 26, 2009

Painted Papers

Well the count down is on for the next Twelve by Twelve group reveal on October 1. Do I have mine done? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm getting a little frustrated with myself as I can't seem to concentrate on a good idea and my attempts so far have proven to be not good. Pray for me! LOL!

In the meantime, when I wasn't working on my 12x12 quilt, I was painting these papers.

All of these papers are recycled packing paper. Whenever I get a package that has this type of packing material I usually save it if it's in decent shape. Well I recently got some of this and when I went to put it away with my growing stash, well I noticed that the stash is getting quite I thought I should start doing something with it.

I'm not sure what I'll do with these pieces of paper just yet. They would make very lovely wrapping paper. I could make them pages in a handmade book. Just a couple of ideas that come to mind right now.

My least favorite of the three is the middle one. My most favorite of the three is the top one.


  1. Hi Terri,
    Love all the painted papers, and I really like the middle one. Remember, in every large painted piece is always a "sweet spot" to be used. Make a small frame and see which areas are fabulous and cut it up. Might make a mosaic-like card. Just an idea, and I have so few of them, I like to share.

  2. Good luck with getting everything together for the Twelve by Twelve group. I know you'll be able to think of something good :) And I really like your painted paper--I especially like the middle one. The textures and colors are just beautiful.

  3. The top one has a woven appearance that I like and I wonder if you added more of your fave colors would you like the middle one more?

  4. Wow, looks like everyone is getting in on painting paper, paper quilts and even newspaper fashions as on the last episode of "Project Runway". I'm motivated. Your papers are beautiful.

  5. I think you are standing alone -- I like the middle one the best too!

    What kind of paper? I just got a big box with some heavy paper for stuffing. Is it kraft paper? If so, I better nab it for painting.

  6. Well, to weigh in: that top one looks the most like you! They all have some merit though:) Sort of fun to just have them as you never know when you might use them.

  7. I love recycling packaging supplies... we seem to get so much of the stuff and it's a shame to toss it in the recycle bin.

    Fun papers. :D

  8. The first one is my favourite too.
    I'm sure you'll find a very good idea for your 12x12 piece. Can't wait to see them all on Thursday.

  9. Aw you are so talented. I wish I was half as good. Thank you for these wonderful pieces of art :)


  10. My fav is the middle one too but I love the first one also!

    My first visit to your blog.

    Wonderful work (play!) Your book looks fabulous! I'm just starting out on the journal/book path and it looks very inspirational. I have just ordered a few books from Amazon so it may need to go on my wish list for now!


  11. this looks like fun to do, terri. i should try it some time. i like the middle one best but they are all fun and colorful!

  12. Well - I like the first one you're not by yourself Terri!


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