Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here's my latest set of hand dyes and threads. This is fuchsia and grape. Love it! They are resting on my completely pieced together pink and cream quilt background. On to making a sandwich. Quilt sandwich silly! Not peanut butter and jelly.

Auntie Jude asked me a question that I thought interesting.

Do you prefer designing or executing the design more?

After giving this a little thought, I think I have to say....it depends.
  • I tend to get bored with piecing fabrics together, so that part of the process I usually don't prefer.
  • I really enjoy designing projects, the sketching/drawing part is fun for me.
  • I enjoy painting, so surface design is fun for me.
  • I enjoy free motion stitching, but don't enjoy struggling with larger quilts on my short arm.
  • I'm not totally crazy about putting binding or hanging sleeves on.
  • I really, really enjoy looking at the end result, especially if it's successful.

How about you? How would you answer this question?


  1. Looks like we have something in common here! I get bored with pieceing the same block over and over again and a large quilt on my regular arm sewing machine just frustrates me. I guess I prefer a blend of the two: smaller pieces that are pieced in some way though not repetitive, some surface embellishment, and of course dreaming up and executing the design! Great question so please thank Auntie Jude!:)

  2. Love your latest batch of hand dyes. And they look great against the cream and pinks!

    I have been known to both like and dislike ALL parts of "the process" at one time or another. Some of the more boring tasks in quilting can be just the thing a person feels like doing if they are in the mood for doing something "mindless". Likewise, some of the usually most gratifying parts of designing can get frustrating for one reason or another at times. I can't say I have a preference, but can find good and the bad in all of it.

  3. I relish every part of the quiltmaking process, apart from labels and hanging sleeves.

    During those longer construction phases, I couldn't live without my design wall so I can see my progress.

  4. okay you know I'm drooling over this latest batch of fabrics. Those are fabulous!

  5. I think I prefer the design aspect the most. Then I just want to snap my fingers and have the whole project DONE :)

    auntie jude

  6. I'm good with every stage of the process unless I underestimate the time it is going to take to finish and then I get frustrated but more with myself than the process.

    Like Beena, I think each step has its day in the sun!

  7. I like all parts of quilting. I usually design as I go on my design wall. The part I like least is sewing on embellishments after they have been planned on the wall.

  8. I much prefer the design phase of my projects. Once I have all the problems solved the work at getting the project done can become dull.

  9. I too prefer the design part whether with the computer or on paper, but I also enjoy the rest of the work too especially the FME.

    I love all your dyed fabrics. I need to do a bit myself, but I don't work as systematically as you do. Mine tend to be a bit slapdash and I'm sure I could never repeat any colour I produce :)

  10. I like designing. The execution part is pretty boring, unless I am designing while executing! I do like to see the results though, step by step.


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