Monday, October 6, 2008


If you had to carry a folder with some papers and a notepad, which of the following two would you rather carry?

folder paper notepad
folder folio paper notepad fabric
Here is the front of my new folder-folio.

folder folio paper notepad fabric front
Last spring I joined a local quilt guild and this fall a change of officers took place and I am now the newsletter editor. I need to be ready to jot notes and keep handouts, so I thought I should have a folder to carry around with me. Well why would I want a plain old paper one for a quilt guild setting? So this weekend I created my own with fabric. I like the fabric one much better. It has more personality and just screams quilt guild.


  1. Well, I agree!!
    Terri, this is so perfect! Love the colors!

  2. this is wonderful. I spent yesterday thinking about making a notepad cover and now this morning I see this - serendipitous indeed. lovely colours youll be the envy of the guild.

  3. That is the prettiest folder folio I have even laid eyes on. Your co-quilters will be "green" with envy !

    auntie jude

  4. What a cute folder! You do such creative things.

  5. Of course! There's no other answer is there? No contest!

  6. Wow, this is beautiful. What a wonderful way to decorate your folder.

  7. Wow, it's beautiful! I think I'll try to recreate it with paper. Thanks for sharing your idea.


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