Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ho Hum

Are you getting bored yet with the stretched fabric images? I hope not, because I'm having fun with them and part of the fun is coming up with new designs to doodle on them with the resist. I'm always amazed at how different these look in the photo compared to real life. I feel like the photo shows the colors as more blotchy(?). In real life they seem more blended and have a gentler change from color to color. Did that make sense?

fabric cotton stretcher frame resist color painted
The next photo is a work in progress. I came across a new blog ( and thought I'd try some of the challenges they are having. Perhaps you'll join in too?

acrylic painting canvas face girl tree


  1. Oh my! I've been missing a lot. Didn't think it has been so long since I visited your blog. I love all your fabric, knitting and your challenge drawing. Wonderful work.

  2. This looks great, Terri! Love the cat & the flowers in the background!

  3. wowser I am gone a few days and you have been ONE busy lady!!! awesome stuff love the fabric and the wheel and the knit bag and well everything is amazing wow wow!! I guess you just never sleep right!! no wonder your hand is sore!! (hope it is better??) I have been spinning pics this weekend some for etsy rest for yarn shop! and batts tomorrow nite so pics for you too!! have fun dear!! lovely work! Hugs Linda

  4. Cute girlie!! I have been trying to find the time to do a painting for embrace the face myself.

  5. I love your stretched fabrics. The colours are great. My favourite is the teal one.
    Loved seeing your knitting too.


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