Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Spinning Tales

I hope you aren't getting tired of all the yarny posts. Just thought I'd share another yummy skein of goodness with you. I showed you this first picture a couple of posts back. This is what the wool roving looked like before I spun it.

wool roving fiber yarn
Then I spun it. This is by far the most yardage I've spun. But, don't ask me how much yardage it actually is, because I neglected to measure it. So as I learn this new craft, I am learning new terms. This is now a single ply yarn.

yarn wool single ply roving hand spun spinning
So you've probably heard of two, three or more ply yarns and threads. Well I've made a two-ply here. I used a length of the yarn from above. But instead of plying with another length of wool, I used some rayon thread.

ply yarn thread wool spinning hand spun
And then, using another length of the single ply yarn, I plied it with some eyelash yarn. Which do you like better? The one plied with the thread or the eyelash?

yarn ply eyelash hand spun spinning wool
And here is a small paper quilt I'm working on. It's similar to one I did before but this one is postcard sized, 4" x 6".

Remember the challenge I gave in the August 12 post? Well if you are the chosen lucky person, don't be surprised if you see some of these yummy yarns and this postcard in your goody bag. By the way, if you missed the challenge go back a couple of posts and join the fun.

Looking for a fun and unique project? Sue B created a new freebie project on the Two Creative Studios site. It's called Candy Cones. Check it out here.


  1. Do you have enough yarn for that sweater yet? LOL! I love these pieces you are doing with the collaged paper backgrounds. Very cool!

  2. I prefer the more saturated colours of the plied yarn over the eyelash but, as I say when I am cooking with chocolate, with ingredients like this you can't go wrong.

  3. I prefer the one plied with the thread. The eyelash yarn is a bit too distracting for me, but still pretty. Your postcard is very cool too. Love the background you used for it.

    auntie jude

  4. Hard to choose which yarn I like better - but I think I like the one with the rayon thread. But I like the one with eyelash almost as much.

    And the paper quilt is lovely.

  5. I, too, prefer the yarn with the rayon thread - the eyelash seems to diffuse the beautiful vibrant colours somewhat. The postcard looks gorgeous too!

  6. Terri,
    This paper quilt is so-o-o pretty!!! And the yarn - yummy!!! What can you NOT do???? It's fun trying to keep up with you and your creations!!!

  7. You are vicious with that yarn. Loves it. I really enjoy the addition of the eyelash yarn I just want to make a scarf out of it!!

    Amazing as usual.


  8. Ooooh, I love the one with the eyelash yarn in it. The texture is awesome. And your colors are fantastic.

  9. Ok, I am DEFINITELY NOT a yarn expert, but I really like them all! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  10. I like the eyelash yarn version and I love this new paper quilt style!


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