Saturday, July 5, 2008


Journey is the title I gave to this paper quilt that I completed today. I had fun making this and the colors are so much richer in real life than I can portray in a picture. Yes, even though I have a new camera. I've added this piece along with three other paper quilts I made this past spring in my etsy shop.

Speaking of cameras, a few of you have asked me what camera I purchased. It is the Nikon D40 and has loads of features, most of which I'll probably never learn how to use. I'm very tickled with how it works in the automatic mode, so if I stray from auto-pilot, I know it won't be far.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend.


  1. i truly love this piece! it is the perfect color scheme for me! so nice! have fun with your new camera!

  2. Beautiful - I love the colors.

  3. Great piece! I love the rich colors you used! Beautiful!

  4. It is very nice. Is that machine quilting in the background?

  5. I agree with everyone above: a very impressive piece of work. Thanks for your comment on my site: I'll be looking for your book!

  6. My first visit for well over a week and you have been so busy. This is so beautiful and I'm glad you are still painting your lovely faces.


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