Monday, June 16, 2008

A Sign

Today we had an absolutely beautiful day with hardly a breeze and a pleasant temperature in the mid 70's. So I decided to take advantage of the lovely day and strolled around the yard picking and plucking here and there.

On the front of our house we have a deck with rocks below/underneath. It seems there are always pesky weeds trying to grow in the rocks and I was pulling some when I spotted this rock:

Wow, that looks like a heart on that rock! I picked it up and thought it looked like someone had taken a white pen and drew it on there. But as I was inspecting it and thinking, well how could someone have done that...these rocks have been here for years out in the weather. I looked closer and closer at it and it really is real. I'd sure like to know what caused that to happen on this rock.

So what does this mean. Am I going to be lucky? I doubt it. So, instead, what I'm going to do is dedicate this heart to Marie Johansen who has lost three of her precious kitties within the last couple of months. My heart goes out to you Marie!