Monday, April 14, 2008


Did anybody happen to get to the Chicago International Quilt Show this past weekend? Did anybody happen to get a glance at my paper quilt that was hanging in the Quilting Arts/Cloth Paper Scissors area? Did anybody happen to get a picture of my quilt hanging up with all the surrounding quilts? Here is what my quilt looked like, just to jog your memory. Anybody?????

paper quilt, art, paper, quilt, cat, flowers


  1. I saw your quilt, recognized it as your work immediately, but didn't take a photo because it was in the Quilting Arts booth. Sorry. In the past they haven't allowed photos and I didn't think to ask if they have changed their policy.

  2. Hey there.. Yes I saw it.. the Quilts were wonderful and I recognized your art style right away... I did not take many pictures, as the majority of the show is "No Pictures Allowed" What an awesome job you did!


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