Friday, January 25, 2008

Working on Stuff

Here are a few things I've been working on lately. This first item is all Norah's fault. She went and showed off her wonderful altered chip cans. One day I was munching on some chips and I emptied the can (yes I polished them all off - YUM!). I took a second look at the can before tossing it in the trash. Sharon created beautiful art with some of these leftover cans, so I thought, maybe I can too. Well I don't know how beautiful it is, but I'm happy with it. I gotta tell you though, I didn't enjoy painting on the rounded surface. It was a challenge for me.

altered pringles can acrylic paint cat flowerNOTE: There's been confusion - this is just one can shown above.
I've just taken several photos from different sides so you can see all the way around the can.

Next is a small cat painting that will turn into a small quilt collage.

cat fabric paint acrylic
Here is an altered book I had started a long time ago. It is an old songbook I found at the thrift store. I glued some of the interior pages together and started decorating the pages. I finally just finished the front cover. This book is where I plan to write down all my memories of fun and amazing things that my cats do, and perhaps I'll add in some quotes or poems about cats. I'll paste in cute cat pictures. The pictures aren't all of my cats, I like to collect cute cat pictures and most of mine come from a cat calendar I have.

altered book cat paint collage acrylic
And last is a heart quilt I've started on. While working on this my sewing machine started acting funny, so now I need to take that in for a check up.

fabic collage art quilt


  1. Cool projects! What are you going to do with the painted cans?

  2. Your work always brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Thank you!

  3. Like the start you have on the heart piece! and I always admire artists who recylce something useful into something beautiful.

  4. Wow! You've been busy!
    I like the painting on the cans. And the heart is great too.
    So, after intensely studying chocolate, you are devoting yourself to chips...

  5. Okay how cool are those cans?! What will you put in them?

  6. You are so productive!!!
    The heart is great - hope your sewing machine is OK!

  7. I've always hated to throw those cans away. I might try altering one. I love yours. What could they be used for (other than art)? Maybe gift cans for cookies? Hmmmmm.

  8. I looked through several of your posts, love the colours that you use in your collages.

  9. Wow look at all that Kitty eye candy! You know how I love your cats the altered can is wonderful! I look forward to seeing how your heart quilt progresses already it looks beautiful

  10. Love the can - what a great idea!!

  11. My you are a busy girl! I thought you'd eaten a lot of chips when I first looked at the picture. One question though, why would you paint directly on the can if the round surface makes it more difficult? Why not paint it on paper flat first, the glue it on to the can?

    I do love everything you do!


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