Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Back from Houston

I returned home yesterday afternoon to windy, freezing cold temperatures. I almost felt like turning around and getting back on the plane and going back where it was much warmer. But I'll tell you, there's no place like home.

I had a blast in Houston, although we were tremendously tired at the end of each day. The convention center in Houston is so huge, it seems like 400 miles to get to any place in there, especially the restrooms...and then there were always waiting lines. UGH! I loved helping in the Mistyfuse booth, even though my poor feet were sore at the end of the day. I think I really need to see if a foot doctor can help me.

I met some wonderful people, and it was great fun to just chat with people in the booth. Helping Sue with her classes was also fun. The students kept commenting on how much fun they were having and that was great to hear.

And the shopping. Let me tell you about the shopping. Where I come from the quilt shows attract about 15 to 20 vendors, I think. Well there were over 1,500 vendors in this show. At least that's what we estimated when we looked in the brochure. Can you believe that? I was so overwhelmed and amazed. I'll show some photos tomorrow of some of the goodies I purchased.

Here are some photos that I took (don't look too close, my hair drooped and went limp and flat by 10:00 each morning, must have been the humidity):

Deborah (right) and I. It was so great to meet Deborah as I haven't known her very long, but I feel as if we've been friends a long time. We both are participating in the Twelve by Twelve group. She also came to one of Sue's classes and made a fantastic mini padfolio.

Liz Kettle and Debbie Bates. These great ladies are with Wonderfil Threads. Their booth was so beautiful and colorful. These are wonderful threads that I've recently started using and they have some beautiful colors and several styles of threads to choose from.

Sue and I. I have to tell you that getting to meet Sue in person was the highlight of this whole trip. We've known each other for just about two years now, but had never met in person. We were both tired and acting a little silly here.

Sue and Elaine. It was wonderful to meet Elaine. I've known her from being on some online groups together and she is such a lovely and fun person. She lives right in Houston, so didn't have far to travel.

Group shot. Taken Saturday night after a long, busy day at the show. Needless to say, I look like crap. From left back to front - me, Sue, Iris (owner of Mistyfuse and the most generous, giving person. She is so wonderful and I'm glad I was able to meet her). From right back to front - Vicki (I'm so glad to have met Vicki. She is so much fun and interesting and you can always count on laughing when in her presence), Vicki's mother (I can see where Vicki gets her sense of humor from), and Elaine (Elaine ditched her hubby that evening to spend time with us. Thanks Elaine, and thank your hubby too.)