Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just for Fun

knit baby sweater
Since learning to knit again last December, I've been wanting to make myself some sweaters, but didn't want to start with a large project. So, I started small with this baby sweater. I definitely feel I need more practice with the knit clothing, but hey, you gotta start somewhere right? I have no idea how this will fit a baby and if it's even the size it said it would be on the pattern. I did a gauge check it should be close.

And pictured below is another photo from my outdoor photo shoot this past week. This picture shows my gourd crop. The leaves are all shriveling and drying since we've had a few frosts. If I counted right, there are about 40 gourds there altogether. They are mostly birdhouse shaped and there are no guarantees that they'll all dry and cure and be usable in the future. By spring I'll know what I can keep and what will get tossed.



  1. Awesome! ... the gourds, the fall colors and the distance you can see.

  2. ok, gotta tell you, LOVE that sweater! I wish that was my size. Great photo of the garden, you've got lots of great color in the background.

  3. Wow ! I wish we could grow gourds over here, the summer just isnt long enough for them.


  4. I love to knit. Addictive isn't it. Your little jumper is adorable.

    I'm probably very late saying this - been away far too long - but I love your new look.


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