Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gettin' Scared

Just recently I opened a drawer in a chest of drawers that I keep in a spare room. I came across something that I was supposed to give to my mother. Some of you may remember that I was out west in December visiting my Aunt Jude. Well she sent home a beautiful knitted scarf with me and one for my mom. My mom lives about an hour away from me, but during the winters she and dad travel around with their 5th wheel camper in the warmer parts of the country. They normally return around the beginning of May.

Anyway, I was supposed to give my mother her knitted scarf. But evidently the "safe" place I was keeping it in was a little too safe. I had totally forgotten about it. I had put it in a place that I really don't look in very often. This incident along with some others that have been happening recently have gotten me a little nervous.

There are so many times when I need a tool or an embellishment or something, while working in my studio and I can't find it. I know I have it. At the time I had it last, I had a conversation with myself about "if I put it here, I know I'll find it". Guess what? Most of the time it doesn't work. See why I'm getting scared? I can see this happening every once in a while, but I'm noticing it more and more often. Is it really me and my mind is failing? Or do I have too much stuff. Or do I just need to be better organized. Are there pills for this?

On to today's photos.....
First off, yesterday I had a few errands to run and while doing that I decided it had been too long since I had visiting the local thrift store. Here's the goods that I got: Some board books. The bottom left book isn't a board book, but a cute little Christmas book with a kitty. And there was a really cute little kitty charm dangling from it. All these books were 10 cents each. I've seen some fabulous altered board books that other artists have altered and thought maybe I'd give it a go.

Then I found some lovely lace scraps, a piece of velvet in a really great blue, and a couple of chiffon scarves. Oh, I also picked up a plastic table cloth because some of the ones I use to protect my work surfaces are getting pretty worn and used.

These last photos are some drawings I did a couple of days ago. I like to sit and draw while Bob and I sit in front of the TV. I find it difficult to sit there and have idle hands, so am always doing something. I don't like to sit in front of the TV often, but at the end of the day when Bob wants some relaxation time, that's where he likes to be, so I join him. Even though it's not real quality time, we are still together.


  1. Great drawings. They are so cute.

  2. I love the drawings too Terri. Now don't worry about your memory, I get like that at times too and I'm only very young. VBG. Your brain is just a teeny weeny bit overloaded with all this textile work and sketching and stuff just now. That's my excuse anyway.

  3. I agree with Mags - you're just a bit overstretched at the minute.
    Doesn't seem to stop you from producing some lovely drawings though. :)

  4. Lovely drawings!
    Don't worry, I've got the same little problems from time to time... Just eat some good Belgian chocolate and it will get much better!

  5. These are great drawings Terri. Love that dog one of course and that little bird is so cute. I like how you did the tree.

  6. oh Terri ! your drawings are just so wonderful ! thanks for sharing them with us... :-) and thanks for the lovely comments you always leave on my blog-

  7. You are such an amazing artist!

    Glad you found your Mom's scarf :) Funny how we put stuff in really "safe" places only to discover you've either forgotten that you did, or where you put the item.

  8. Try Ginkgo Biloba.

    Fortunately, the creative things haven't been lost!

  9. LOVE your drawings! Put a pencil or pen in my hand and they turned into left feet!

  10. Well if there is a pill for remembering where the "safe" places are, I want some too!!!

    Great finds and the pictures are just wonderful.
    Loving the doggie ;0)


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