Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Busy as a Bumblebee

Thanks everyone for your comments about the business card case in the previous post. I'm so glad to hear your excitement about making one for yourself. I sure hope when you do, I get to see what you make.

On to what I've been busy with. If you remember the board books that I've been painting in, this is the next page spread in the one that had purple flowers on the cover. I'm not sure if I feel done with this spread. I may move on to another page until I know for sure. I think I will be adding some wording into the pages, but not sure what I want to say yet.

altered board book painted
The next photo shows a couple of ATC's I made for a swap.

fabric paper ATC
Here is something I'm working on. Does it look familiar? I blogged about one just like it here, way back in March. I'm doing another one because I'm writing up a class on how to make this quilted wall hanging. The class will be offered this fall through Joggles.com. The class name is Daisy Doodles. Watch the Joggles website for more information. Hope to see you there!

daisy doodles quilted wall hanging
And just had to share another Zoey picture. I keep my cream, off-white, fabrics in the lower bin but pulled them out to look through them (spread out in the foreground). Zoey took advantage of the space and immediately claimed it.

Oh, and it's come to my attention, that I completely forgot to mention in last Saturday's post when I'd announce the surprise prize giveway. Which, by the way, I still have no idea what I'm surprising you with. So for those waiting on pins and needles, I'll announce the winner Sunday morning. That gives those of you late comers a chance to still give me some input in that particular post. Good luck everyone.


  1. Zoey is adorable! I'll look for your joggles class. I've been wanting to take a couple of classes over there but the timing on the ones I want is never right! Grr.

  2. Love the board book. Very creative. Looks done to me!

  3. Such wonderful things on your page again. The board book is looking good.

    I'll be watching for that class.

    Zoey is so cute she could be my Mitzi's slimline sister ;0)

  4. Maybe you need a "wee" bumble bee on your board book page" since you titled your blog entry "Busy as a Bumble Bee".

  5. Hi!
    My little black cat would have done the same! Quite adorable.

  6. Zoey is so cute! I love the black accent flower in the board book.

    My cat used to love jumping the clothes hamper whenever it was open. He also liked to jump in the suitcase while I packed. I'd tell him to get out, he'd hop out and immediately hop back in. He was a very funny kit.

  7. That board book is going to be an awesome work of art. Love your colors. Zoey is so pretty. I told you, didn't I, that she looks like a sweet kitty i used to have named Charles? He went to Kitty Heaven in 1995. He said he was a Russian Blue, but I could never believe a word that cat said.

  8. The book layout is fantastic.

  9. I love all the things I see on your blog your art is wonderful

  10. The board book is coming along nicely. Love that shot of Zoey!

  11. I really love what you are doing with the board books Terri, they are unrecognisable now. Have you done anything at all with the one shaped like a 'B'? Val

  12. Wow you have been busy. The piece you are making for your class looks great I will definately watch out for it!


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