Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm So Lucky

I signed up for a swap recently in the Fiber Art Friends group. The swap was a one-on-one for a padfolio. Sue kindly shared her pattern with all of us. My swap partner was Lynda from Great Britian. I showed a picture of the padfolio I made for Lynda in a previous post, but at the time of posting I didn't mention that it was going to go to her so she would be surprised. Here is the padfolio I sent Lynda.

Well yesterday when I got home and found a package from Lynda, I was so excited. I opened it up and there seemed to be lots of goodies. Here is what I opened first:

And here is what I opened next:

And here is another goody that was included.

I was so stunned to received not one, but two gorgeous padfolios. Lynda did a beautiful job in creating these. And, the bookmark/brooch is so fun. I've been admiring Lynda's "Wild Women" brooches and am thrilled to have one of my very own.

Lynda, I am so happy with the gifts you've given me. Everything is so wonderful and I look forward to using them and showing them off. Thank you!


  1. They are just great aren't they. I love her wild women too.
    Hugs, Alis

  2. Oh my gosh Terri, lucky you! Those are fabulous. I can't decide which one I love more. That first one is such a wonderful color but the texture and depth on the second one is hard to resist. Fabulous - lucky you!

  3. Well done Terri You are a lucky girl aren't you

  4. Your padfolio is great and you are just so lucky!

  5. How wonderful to receive TWO padfolios AND a bookmark!! You lucky lady :)

  6. Lucky you to get 2 padfolios. I really like the textured one, but the color of the other one is wonderful. And the bookmark/pin is another wonderful goody.

  7. What a wonderful post!! 2 padfolios and a wildwoman bookmark - lucky you!!! Love the padfolio you made Lynda!!

  8. You could be happy to get such wonderful things. Wish you happy easter,

  9. Speaking of things in the mail, I got your postcard on Saturday, & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thanks so MUCH for the exchange!!!

    Love you padfolio too!


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