Friday, January 5, 2007

2007 Goals and Experiment Results

I've been hearing and reading how some of you make lists of your creative goals each year. I've never done this before and started thinking about it. I've decided to try it for one year then see how I like this idea. So, for the past couple of weeks, I've been making a list and here it is:

  1. Participate in the monthly technique with the Fiber Art Friends group I'm a member of. Each month a new learning technique is selected and I will try and come up with 3 to 5 ways to experiment with the technique.

  2. Create a 8.5 x 11 journal quilt each week, using any subject and any technique. On the back side of this small quilt I plan to write about the process I used and any other thoughts I may want to include.

  3. Participate in swaps with the online groups I belong to. But...don't over-commit myself. I want to feel really excited about the swap idea before I decide to join.

  4. In the Fiber Art Friends group, I'm participating in a Fabric Page Swap, which we will eventually make into a book. Each month create a 9x9 fabric page for my swap partner.

  5. Continue to sketch/draw. Keeping up with this should help me improve in this area.

  6. Keep track of my favorite magazine's "calls for submissions" and challenges....and enter when I can come up with an idea I'm really excited about.

  7. Continue to work on my Indian Orange Peel Quilt.

The following pictures are the results of the fabric/paper I created the other day. After it was dry it had stiffened considerably and could even stand on it's own.

I laid the fabric/paper down on my ironing board, paper side down and using a protective piece of fabric I ironed the entire piece to flatten it out. Next I cut a 8.5 x 11" piece of the fabric/paper. I folded it in half and using a text rubber stamp and some white ink, I stamped all over. Then I sewed on some canvas scraps that I had stamped a design onto. And there you have it....a greeting card.

Detail photo. The tissue paper created a wonderful crinkle texture.

I think this experiment went quite well and I would do it again. I feel there are a lot of potential uses for this fabric/paper.


  1. Oh Terri! This is FAB, a fantastic job girl!

  2. nice to know it got that stiff--wouldn't do so well for quilting then. thanks for the report.

  3. oooh Terri this is fantabulous! I love the results that you got. Love it!

  4. What an awesome idea!!

    You've got quite a list of goals. I'm sure you'll do each and every on of them!

  5. Your experiment has worked out really well Terri.

  6. Your experiments was most fantastic. Such interesting ideas you come up with.

  7. This has turned out really really well. The combination of the soft muted colours and the texture is very appealing.

  8. Wonderful Terri, the colour, the texture, fabulous

  9. My last comment went off into cyberspace, so if it turns up, sorry!! It's great when an experiment turns out so well. Love the colours and the card is great!!

  10. Your fabric turned out great! So many potential uses.

  11. Gorgeous card. I must start trying some of these ideas. I can hardly wait until daughter is back to school. Sigh. Hopefully more time then. I'd tried e-mailing you from the farm but I think it didn't get to you. That was a while ago. I'll get to you soon, hopefully tomorrow. Congrats on getting hi-speed and good luck with your goals.
    Also, you've been tagged if you have a moment.

  12. I love the card. Thanks for sharing this particular technique.
    I would love to get DSL. I am probably one of the few people still on dial-up. :(

  13. Love this fabric/paper you made and the greetings card it turned into. Great start on the experiements :)

  14. Fab goals darlin! Love this fabric paper you got going on! Its the bomb baby! LOL I have got to try this...just got to figure out how hehe! Congrats on the dsl! Loves ya and big hugs! Nance


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