Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A New Thingee-Ma-Bob

A couple of weeks or so ago I posted a piece of fabric I had made using dyed coffee filters and other fun little fibers and such. Well I cut into it and came out with this. If any of you are readers of Somerset Studio and have the latest issue you will see where I got the idea.

It is a three-sided piece that I hand-stitched down the sides, but before completely stitching the third side, I pushed in some stuffing to hold the walls up. Oh, by the way, this fabric was constructed on top of some Peltex (a stiff interfacing material). So the three sides were sturdy, but they still wanted to collapse inward without the stuffing.

I then stitched some fiber to the sides to cover up the raw edges. Next I added the fringed bottom and the hanging loop. It could be a Christmas ornament.