Sunday, October 8, 2006

Productive Weekend

Wow am I crossing off lots of things on my "get done" list. Good feeling. I finished up some more fabric postcards. These are for a swap on the Surface Design Yahoo Group. The theme for this one was...Stamping on Fabric. For these, I took many stamps and started stamping away using both fabric paints and rubber stamping ink pads. I also used both handmade stamps and purchased stamps. I started with a scrap of fabric that had some color added randomly here and there. Not exactly sure how it was added as I received this fabric piece in a swap. The very last stamp I added was using paint that puffs up when heat is applied. After puffing it up, I highlighted it with gold metallic paint.

Then, I made three fabric boxes (only 2 shown). Some of you may recall that I was participating in a round robin with Sue and Joanna, in which we altered and embellished each other's fabrics. Well this is now the next round...we are each making 3 boxes with our fabric. Next I will be sending Sue and Joanna each a box for each of them to further embellish and so on. I made these from a pattern in Janet Edmunds' book....Beginner's Guide to Embroidered Boxes. They stand a little bit over 6" tall.