Sunday, October 8, 2006

Productive Weekend

Wow am I crossing off lots of things on my "get done" list. Good feeling. I finished up some more fabric postcards. These are for a swap on the Surface Design Yahoo Group. The theme for this one was...Stamping on Fabric. For these, I took many stamps and started stamping away using both fabric paints and rubber stamping ink pads. I also used both handmade stamps and purchased stamps. I started with a scrap of fabric that had some color added randomly here and there. Not exactly sure how it was added as I received this fabric piece in a swap. The very last stamp I added was using paint that puffs up when heat is applied. After puffing it up, I highlighted it with gold metallic paint.

Then, I made three fabric boxes (only 2 shown). Some of you may recall that I was participating in a round robin with Sue and Joanna, in which we altered and embellished each other's fabrics. Well this is now the next round...we are each making 3 boxes with our fabric. Next I will be sending Sue and Joanna each a box for each of them to further embellish and so on. I made these from a pattern in Janet Edmunds' book....Beginner's Guide to Embroidered Boxes. They stand a little bit over 6" tall.


  1. I LOVE those little voxes. I love the trim coming from the top. How cute are those! You have been busy! It seems almost a shame to do anything more to these lovely creations. On your postcards you made, how did you stamp with puff paint? Did you do it wet?

  2. Thanks Joanna. The paint isn't actually a puff's called Expandable Paint by Pebeo. Joggles sells it. I just applied the paint like normal to my stamp and stamped it. You then let it dry for 30 minutes of more and then apply heat. The bottle says to iron from the back or use a hair dryer...but I have the most success with a heat gun.

  3. The cards are beautiful, great colors. I love how you did the boxes, I can't wait to see them in person. Really like the shape of them.

  4. Hi Terri :) So glad to 'see' you again! You have been busy! I LOVE these boxes, they are beautiful! AND useful, too ~ William Morris would be proud of you! ;)
    'Hope you're feeling well now.
    Hugs, Q xXx

  5. Wow! Look at you go! The cards are beautiful! Those boxes are just too cool! Love them! Hugs! :D

  6. Hi Terri!
    I love, love, LOVE these boxes! I'd love to see them with a little light inside... they remind me of some cool, new-age party lantern!
    Hugs, Shari

  7. Thank you everyone. It looks like the boxes are a hit. They were a bit complex to make but I am glad I attempted them.


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