Wednesday, October 4, 2006

The Challenge

My blog bud, Darcy, has challenged her fellow bloggers to create a list. She asks us to record 5 thoughts that went through our heads while creating. Here's mine:
  1. You're such a good helper. (Referring to the cat who has her nose right down in my work)
  2. Goll darn hair is everywhere.
  3. Wow, it's almost 10:30 p.m. already?
  4. This room is becomming a pig sty (said while looking under stuff for my mechanical pencil) .
  5. I'm gonna have to throw that piece right into the trash....I'm just not happy with it.

So that's a tiny little look into the mind of me. Anyone else up for the challenge?


  1. Quite the Darcy. I forgot about all your cats - seems to me you have a few? Thanks for this peek.
    Yes, I did the challenge. Feels like my mind is typically going a mile a minute, at least, so it was simple to pick a few.
    How've you been feeling? Better hopefully?

  2. Yes the hair is everywhere here too! It's dog hair and its shedding season. Wish I could sell it! I'd make a mint!
    And funny how 10:30 rolls around so quick huh?

  3. Ahh yes the cat hair! I keep my cat out of my studio or at least try too...I tend to find kitty cat footy prints of paint everywhere LOL But mostly it is my hair that sheds due to it being so thick and heavy..time for a hair cut and thinning dont ya think?! lol


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