Sunday, September 10, 2006

Seeing Red

My mother-in-law asked me to make a red wallet for her. I think she is giving it to someone as a gift. So here it is....

I also finished the embroidery on a gel glue design I did on a piece of white fabric....after the glue dried I then used dyes to color it in. Now to bind it off. I'm thinking after I add the binding I will do some more embroidery around the edges.

And this last picture is of Joanna's piece of fabric that she sent to me to alter. Joanna, Sue and I are involved in a round robin where we each dye a piece of fabric, then the next person embellishes it somehow, then it gets sent to the 3rd person for more embelllishing. So I'm looking at Joanna's orange and all I see is "pumpkin". But I'm not going to do anything holiday specific because then whatever you make with the fabric can only be used during a particular time of year. So I'll keep thinking......


  1. The wallet is beautiful. I want to hear more about the gel glue piece. How is this done? I've not heard of this technique.
    I'm making a couple of color copies of your fabric so I can test a couple ideas before I actually touch the fabric.

  2. You are just on a roll girl! what lovelies you are creating! :)

  3. The little picture is delightful. Love the red purse too - but then I could be biased because red is my favourite colour! Lucky recipient :)

  4. Thanks Sue, Nance and Helen. Gel glue is used as a resist. It gets washed out after color is applied to fabric. It's fun!

  5. OMG, Terri, you have the patience of a saint! Your work is beautiful - I love that wallet with the lovely hands on the inside and the button is a gorgeous touch, too. Superb!
    The embroidery is amazing, you are a wonderful artist and so very versatile.
    Thanks for sharing these with us, and good luck with that beautiful orange piece!

  6. Teri, what is this gel glue technique??? the piece is darling!...please share....

  7. Thanks Suz & Suzie. I love working on all types of projects, that way I don't get bored.

  8. Continuing to wow us. I love the purple kitty. Might there a site we could refer to telling us more about the gel glue? Unless you want to do a post to teach us;o)
    I can hardly wait to check out the yahoo groups and get to sewing. I have to do about a million ;o)other things first though.
    Keep up the great creating. I love your pieces.


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