Sunday, September 17, 2006


Here are my house babies. The gray one (she's being shy at the moment) is Zoey, and the tabby is Abby. Both were adopted from local shelters. Abby is a little over 2 and Zoey is a little over 1. Zoey will eat anything and Abby is a picky eater. Abby is a bit of a nervous Nellie and she tends to be naughty, I'll find her in places where she's not supposed to be. Or on things she's not supposed to be on.

Here's a better pic of Zoey. She is laying on my ironing board. She does that a lot while I'm working in my studio. She's good company. She also has the most amazing green eyes I've ever seen on a cat.


  1. What beauties they are! Zoey has such a sweet face.

  2. They are both lovely and Zoey does have incredible eyes. Great that they are company too, even if a little mischievious :)

  3. Oh, they're gorgeous! They look so cuddly in that top photo...
    those very beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us, Terri. Please give them both a big love from me xXx

  4. Awww Such gorgeous cats! Love those eyes on Zoey! Tabby's are one of my fav cats. I have a short haired white cat with black markings..I will see about getting a pic posted soon of Mr. Felix. My cat loves to sleep in boxes or large paperbags..he has a paper fetish lol...hmmm wonder where he gets that from! hehe Love and hugs!

  5. Terri-

    They're beautiful! I've got 4 and they are the best company! :)Zoey's got beautiful eyes and she is a lovely color-such a soft grey!And Abby just looks like a sweetie :)


  6. Sweet cats.
    Thanks for sharing these photos of them.


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