Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Little Girl Quilts

I've been making some small wall quilts using the wonderful artwork I purchased from Carla Sonheim. I love her work. Each quilt measures about 12" x 12". Now I need to audition walls to find the right home for them. It's hard when you only have two hands and there are five quilts. Honey, help...........


  1. Hi, I know this is weird but I randomly came across your blog. I love your designs and artistic eye. Do you sell your work?
    - Brandy

  2. You did a beautiful job! Thank you so much, too!


  3. These are lovely ~ so simple yet so colourful. I really like the "little girls".

  4. Hi Terry,

    What beautiful artwork! Love the little girls you purchased.


  5. Terri these are wonderful! The fabric combinations you used are perfect for each one. What a perfect way to display her artwork.

  6. How wonderful!! I love these! Love love love these! and love Carla's creations as well, those little girls are so cute! Maybe arrange them on the floor in front of the wall...that way you can move them with out unwanted nails in your wall. :) I have never quilted but my hubby actually knows how so some day he can teach me! :D

  7. Thank you everyone...

    Brandy - I don't presently sell my work, but I am trying to develop some original stuff, so maybe stay tuned and someday......

    Carla, thanks again for the great artwork....looking forward to more.

    Wendy, Joanna, Sue and Nancy - thanks for your kind words. A great support team like all of you is just what we artists need.

  8. Beautiful quilts, Terri, and Carla's Artwork is so gorgeous! Well done for finding her, and thanks for letting us know! :)


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