Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Newsletter Again

I recently decided to send out a newsletter. I had one in the past and it sort of fizzled out. So here I go again. All new newsletter list, all new information. I will be sending the first one out before the end of June, date not yet determined. But I'm working on it...yay!

If you would like to sign up to receive my newsletter, I welcome you to do so. You can follow this link to my website: http://terristegmiller.com/newsletter/, or there is a sign up area in the side bar of my blog.

I plan to send one out once a month and there will also be a fun little bonus for all who are currently subscribing. I plan to randomly draw a subscriber email from the list and post it in each newsletter. If the owner of that email contacts me they will be the lucky winner of a scrap pack of fabrics that I hand printed and/or hand dyed.

And just because I love to share photos here on the blog, following is a series of photos of a handbag I made last week. This bag is actually for me as I was desperately in need of a new bag.

Cute little story...As I was working on this bag it dawned on me that all the exterior fabrics are ones that I dyed and/or painted and printed. The only commercial fabric is a batik with dots that I used as the inside lining. I asked hubby what he thought of my new bag and his comment..."I like the dot fabric on the inside." (Insert eye roll here) Yes, that's a hubby for you. They really have no clue. I didn't tell him either.