Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hand Stitching

I have always loved the look of hand quilting or hand stitching. The simple running stitch is my favorite and I feel like it has become more popular as I feel like I see it everywhere.

I thought I would take a piece of fabric I had dyed using a stencil and outline the shapes. The piece you see below was not quite finished at the time the photo was taken but I've since finished the hand stitching. It currently is waiting for me to finish it. It will become a pillow cover.

Here is another project I am currently working on and I'm again stitching with the running stitch. I love the silk scarves you see with the Kantha stitches running through the fabrics so I thought I'd try this out with some silk sari fabric I have in my stash.

And below are a couple of scenes from my garden. We have had some unusually hot weather the past couple of days. I must say this has been an extremely weird year for us, weather-wise. We had a very early spring and now we are getting weather that we should normally get later in the summer. My garden perennials are growing like they are on steroids. I have never seen everything look so lush and full of blooms.