Thursday, December 24, 2015

Winter Photos

I find it difficult to get good photos in the house during the winter months. Usually the days are overcast and the lighting inside isn't great for photography. So I decided the next day there was minimal wind I would hang my finished quilt top on the clothesline and snap a shot. Today was that day. Even though it is overcast the lighting outside is so much better.

I finished my scrappy trip around the world quilt a couple of weeks ago. I have the backing fabric ready and now I just need to get it basted and quilted. I plan to quilt this one on my Bernina with simple straight lines (I think).

Below are the ornaments I made for the grandkids this year. Yes, it is a photo I took indoors and I'm not thrilled with it. But it records what I made this year and so it will do.

These ornaments are something I purchased a few years ago. They are pull the string down near the legs and the legs and arms go up and down. They were unfinished wood when I bought them so all I had to do was paint and varnish.