Friday, December 18, 2015

Love/Hate Snow

Well we are finally getting some snow that seems to be hanging around and piling up. It was only after the second snowfall recently that I remembered that I'm supposed to have a new LOVE relationship with it. Last year I discovered I liked snow dyeing. And then I remembered that last year my snow dyeing days were numbered, because by the time I realized I was enjoying it, then we didn't get any more snow. By the end of that time period last year I had decided to try snow dyeing a white long-sleeved t-shirt. I had it all ready to go, with oodles of rubber bands wound onto it for some resist design and more snow.

So I found my rubber banded shirt that waited for me to dye it and went to work. Here is what I got. I love it! At first, when it was still soaking in a tub of water to remove the excess dye, I thought I hated it. I was seeing murky muddy colors and thought the colors didn't turn out on the shirt. After the final rinsing and drying I found I was completely wrong.

I used three colors of dye on the shirt....Red Violet, Watermelon, and Aqua.

This past week I found myself wanting to create a quilt with only solid colored fabrics. In the past I have dyed many yards of fabric and over time they have sat on the shelf and not been used. So I pulled some and made this quilt top.

It is about 40 x 52" in its unquilted state. While I like the results and have always enjoyed solid fabric quilts that others make, I have learned something about myself....I much prefer to make projects with fabrics that have pattern/design on them. Silly huh?


  1. YES! me too! for some reason I just don't care to work with solids....I tend to overdye tone on tone or doodle on fabrics to get a bit of "action" going...can still be one colour...but with a little something "extra".
    Your dyed fabrics are delicious, they look wonderful...and all play so nicely together

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one!!! Thank you Jill!

  2. Oh this is stunning. I have some hand dyes in the cupboard that need a home... I love making them but I seem to find it hard to find a home for them but this is really inspiring.

    1. Thank you Lisa! Get those fabrics out and play!!!


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