Monday, December 7, 2015

Five Becomes Forty

Back in May of this year I shared a blog post with you about my English paper piecing project...a hand stitching project that I keep around for those times when it's enjoyable to work on something that is easy to take with me anywhere.  In that May post (click here to see May post), I only had five hexie flowers done. Well, I am up to forty now.

Lately I have been working on these in the evening, when hubby and I sit in front of the TV and relax before bedtime. I usually get about two done each evening.


  1. Hex's are the best little project to have...and it turns into a big project quickly! HA

  2. So cute. I like the black/white centers!

  3. Love those colours! So happy.
    How many are you going to make?

  4. I love making the hexies, but got tired of sewing them together, the whip stitching just hurt my hands too much. I have been sewing them together with a small zigzag stitch with clear mono filament thread. you can hardly see the stitching and they go together fast.


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