Saturday, June 20, 2015


I've been doing some sketchbook drawing lately. My inspiration for the first drawing shown is from an artwork by Kathleen Taylor of Kathleen Taylor Studio. I am a fan of her whimsical artwork.

The next sketch is one that I actually drew last year but it was in pencil so I drew over the lines in ink.

And the last sketch is one that I drew the other morning when having breakfast. I am currently reading Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory. I think he inspired me to get busy during breakfast.

We had a horrible storm here last evening. Very high winds and pounding rain. I had a bit of cleanup in the garden this morning, but overall we were lucky and had no major damage. 

I just want to mention that I seem to post more over on my Facebook page and on Instagram lately than here on my blog. If you would like to follow me over on one of those platforms, I'd love to see you there. Have a great Father's Day weekend.