Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Projects Started

I have been busy working lately on a quilt and some new stencil designs, but unfortunately they were projects that I could not share here just yet.  But I will, when I can.  With that stuff behind me I have now started on some new projects.

First up is a new warp for my next weaving project. This will be towels which seems to be the thing I love to weave most. Some of the warp threads in this bundle are some that I hand dyed, although you can't really see them in this photo.

And the next two projects are starts of two new mixed media quilts.

The fabric I'm using for these two quilts is my clean up fabric from a previous quilt project. When I am painting on a quilt I unload excess paint and leftover paint onto a piece of fabric which then can be used for any number of things.