Thursday, January 15, 2015

More Snow Dyeing

I've managed to get three more pieces of fabric done with snow dyeing and rubber band resists. In reality these fabrics are a bit less vibrant than shown here in the photos. I don't know why they are coming across as they are in the photos. I actually wish my fabrics were this vibrant. And that is something that I have been thinking I need to work on. Getting more vibrancy in my fabric, not in the photos. LOL!

Dye colors: moss green, deep orange, black #44

Dye colors: turquoise, brilliant blue, black #44

Dye colors: deep orange, chinese red, bronze
Thank you to all who visited and commented on my previous snow dyed fabric post. There seemed to be some interest in snow dying. I would highly recommend doing an Internet search on snow dyeing. There are so many blogs and sites out there that share their process/results. There are so many ways you can manipulate the fabrics before covering it with snow. You can even use ice in place of snow (ice dyeing). So many options! I encourage you to research and see what appeals to you.

And if any of you need information on the basics of fabric dyeing, well an Internet search can help with that too. There are many good books on the subject as well and if you like to learn while watching, I would recommend Jane Dunnewold's Craftsy class. I haven't taken it myself, but I do have her book, which I recommend.

I hope to get some step-by-step photos next week of my actual snow dyeing process with rubber band resists. I will share those here with you.