Friday, January 23, 2015

Blog Hop With Craft Attitude

I'm excited to be participating in this blog hop with StencilGirl and Craft Attitude.  I'm always willing to try out a new product and this was a fun opportunity. If you are not familiar with Craft Attitude, the product I played with is a printable craft film that comes packaged in 8.5" x 11" size, with 8 sheets per package. It works in your inkjet printer and can be used on so many craft surfaces.

About 10 or so years ago, I purchased a recipe box. It really wasn't a design that I loved, but I couldn't find anything I liked better at the time. I've lived with these chickens, as cute as they are, for all these years. For a few years now I've thought about redoing the box but just never got around to it. This was my chance. Finally!

The first thing I did with the box was empty it out and then sand all of the outer sides. There was a film of some sort that took a little effort to get off. Then I applied a couple layers of gesso.  In the photos that follow you can see my progression of adding color and design. I used acrylic paints.

First layers of paint--pink, orange, light green.

A little black was added

Some white was added

Yummy rich red!

Stencil design added in yellow.
Stencil: Spider Flower 6"

Stencil design added with teal paint.
Stencil: Inky Circles 6"

Stencil design added with purple paint.
Stencil: Square Dancing 6"

Stencil design added with lime green paint
Stencil: Curvy Stems 9x12"

I am going to add some text to the box and wanted to make sure it would show off and not get lost with all the colors in the background, so I added a section of white where the text will go.

I printed out my text on plain paper.

I positioned the paper on the box to audition the size. Looks good!

I went back to the printer and reversed my text and printed it on a piece of Craft Attitude film. Following the package directions, I allowed the printer ink to dry completely and then cut out my shape. I applied glue stick to the area of the box where the film would go and then applied the film. I burnished it well and then allowed it to dry. For the final step I applied some coats of sealer.

I totally love how my recipe box turned out!

I also wanted to try the Craft Attitude film on a fabric project. I found an image on my computer to use. It was a face I had painted and then scanned into the computer. I wanted to make a market tote and I usually use cotton duck fabric for that tote. Because cotton duck is a more textured fabric than just white quilting cotton, I decided to apply my design to a piece of white quilting cotton first and then applique that to the cotton duck.

I stenciled two pieces of fabric with the same designs. One was the cotton duck and one was the white quilting cotton. I used a piece of white quilting cotton that was large enough so that I could apply my design to one part and then have enough left over to use for the bag's lining. I used Tumble Dyes to apply the stencil designs. It is a fabric paint that you spray on and it leaves a nice soft hand to the fabric.

To apply the Craft Attitude film to the piece of stenciled fabric, I used my favorite fusible web, Mistyfuse. I cut the Mistyfuse about 1/4" smaller than the craft film and then layered the fusible and craft film on the fabric. I covered the layers with a protective ironing sheet and pressed according to the craft film directions. I then appliqued this piece onto the tote bag fabric before it was constructed. Then I finished the tote bag construction.

The stencils used on the tote bag project are:

I had so much fun using the Craft Attitude and I know that I will be thinking of many more projects in which to use it.

And now for the extra fun part. You can have a chance to try out Craft Attitude and get yourself some StencilGirl stencils:

Leave a comment to win! All comments on each post during the hop will be entered in the giveaway. One comment per post please. The deadline to enter the giveaway is Monday, January 26th @ 11:59 PM Central. Winner will be posted on StencilGirl Talk blog on the 27th.

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