Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trying to Surface

I feel like I've gone underground lately...especially when it comes to blogging. As mentioned previously I'm busy getting ready for some classes I will be teaching at a local quilt show and I am in the final week of preparations. Next weekend we go live!!!

As I write this the printer is busy printing pages of product info, patterns, and more for my classes. I've been busy ordering supplies that will be used in the classes and trying to think think think, in hopes that I don't forget or overlook something.

I've also been busy making lots of handbags. I will take some with me to the show next weekend and then I'll add any that are left to my Etsy shop. I hope to get photos of those this week so that I can share them here.

In the meantime, I have to share something new that I got. I purchased a used rigid heddle loom from a lovely couple that advertised on Craigs List. The loom is somewhere around 20 years old but in beautiful shape. It is a 24" Beka Rigid Heddle loom. There are many items/tools that go along with the loom that are not shown in the photo.

I have been wanting to try weaving and while I did, at one point, have a loom, it was not the right type of loom for the projects I wanted to make. The loom I had, and have since sold, was a tapestry loom. I want to make scarves, kitchen towels, and placements. And who knows what else, maybe handbags?

Well the loom arrived this past week and I was getting a little burned out with my class preparations, so I took one day off to get the loom warped and started weaving.  I warped the loom with lots of different novelty yarns I had in my stash. And then I wove with the yarn shown here. It's Noro Chirimen and is a cotton/silk/wool blend. I found it at a local yarn shop and don't know if it's still being made. It has a wonderful range of colors in it.

Here is my finished scarf. It took only the one day plus an evening to weave it. I was surprised at how quickly it went. I love how it turned out! 

Here is a close up.

 And here you can see a better view of the novelty yarns in the fringe.

I am looking forward to my next weaving project, but for now it may have to wait until after the quilt show.