Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bags and More Bags

I made time yesterday to set up a photo shoot of all the handbags I've made. There are 10 of them here. 

I have four more bags started but they might have to wait several days as I am in the final days of prep for my classes this weekend. I need to gather up all my supplies and get everything packed up and then go over my class notes, while again, hoping I do not forget anything. Oh and then, just yesterday, I realized I still needed to write up the pattern instructions for the zippered pouch we will be making in class. Yikes!


  1. Ooooooooooh I love that first bag. It's in my favorite colors AND it has a picture of a cairn terrier/westie on the front. We have two cairn terriers and it's not often you find something with them on it. Actually they're all cute but that first one is the best. ;-)

  2. Terri, these are so cute! And so coordinated!

  3. Adorable, cute, charming....I could go on and on....

  4. Your bags are so artistically fabulous. The colors and designs are unique and fun and beautiful. Creative Bag Bliss...

  5. I cannot even pick a favorite, they all have something that I love ....

  6. i love the bag with the sand piper birds
    any chance you could duplicate it for me??
    love your work!!


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