Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bloom True - Week 2

The photos below show my painting progress from Week 2 of the Bloom True online course.
While I am enjoying the course, I can't help but wonder what my finished paintings will look like.
And the course is designed in a way that you really aren't supposed to know what the end result will be. No planning, no worrying, just going with the flow.

I am looking forward to Week 3 and what changes my canvases will undergo. At this point it is a mystery and will be fun to see where they go.


  1. fab... I love this patterns and colors and look forward to what this will grow!

  2. i'll be sure and check back to see the progress!! very bold so far ...

  3. These look so free and fun!

  4. Oh, so great! I found it very liberating not knowing where the paintings were going, and only "worrying" about getting more layers on there :-)

  5. Lots of lovely layers building...the process is everything. xox


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